5 Things Gen Z Actually F*cking Care About Right Now (May 2020)

Bridget Buckley

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Each fortnight, we deep dive into the most trending topics that are brewing in the world of youth media (if you want to get these trends first, make sure you sign up to our newsletter!). These are the topics, stories and trends that Gen Zs around Australia are just eating up at the moment.

It’s your one stop shop, so let’s get cracking!

#1 Alan Jones

In news we knew was inevitably coming, Alan Jones is finally wrapping up his long career as a radio host on 2GB. While the news of his retirement has brought mixed reflections on his career, we’ve seen young Aussies remembering all of his worst moments, celebrating his departure and hoping for a more progressive replacement. Was Ben Fordham the ideal replacement? We’ll find out.

In the last moments of his career, his disgraceful comments about Jacinda Ardern (you know the ones, we really don’t need to repeat them) were found to be in breach of the Australian media watchdog rules. A pretty fitting way for him to go out in our opinion. See ya Alan, you won’t be missed.

#2 Overseas Travel

Now that the end of some of the domestic restrictions are in sight, we’re back to questioning when we can get off this Island to make up for all the Euro summer trips that we’ve missed.  The latest predictions are showing that international travel may not be the same until 2023, pushing it back another year from what we last thought. Cue the return of the Aussie roadtrip!

#3 Masterchef

We’re still not over this season of MasterChef, from our love for Melissa Leong, to everyone’s amazement with how truly talented Reynold is *big heart eyes*. However a dark bit of news has come from this series, with an explanation for why contestant Ben Ungermann departured was revealed.

During filming, Ungermann was arrested for two counts of sexual assault, involving a 16-year old. A massive blow for the franchise, which has absolutely been killing it with the introduction of their new set of judgements, and returning contestants.

#4 Laters, FOMO

Incase Aussie festivals haven’t taken enough of a hit in recent years, touring music festival FOMO has joined the long list of festivals that have gone into liquidation. We’re super sad to see FOMO go, and can only hope that the Aussie festival circuit will be able to bounce back in spite of losing another key player.

#5 Lorde’s Back

It’s the news we’ve been waiting to hear. After a three year break in albums, 23-year old Gen Z icon Lorde released a newsletter to her followers saying that new music is on the way. While we don’t have a release date yet, Lorde has promised us to expect the music to be “F**king good” and tbh that’s enough for me. This is the kind of good news story we need in 2020.

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